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Merry Christmas!

I know it’s has been a long time since I have updated, but I have got some goodies for you! Rachel has written a couple of short stories, “Dark Side of the Sun” (from the Desperate Souls arc) and “A Gundam Christmas.” She has also written several more chapters of the intriguing Sun Child, which are awesome if I may say so.

For myself, I have updated Strange Bedfellows and added another installment of Alphabet Wing. In this one, Jennifer catches an interesting glimpse of Trowa Barton… Well, that’s all I’m gonna say about it. Read on, mates!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone!

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Forget Clarissa, They Can Explain for Themselves

I made this a few months ago and it’s a shame I am just now getting to post it. Yeah, I’m slacking.

First, let me explain: I was working on Strange Bedfellows, and I felt that I didn’t have a good handle on the characters, particularly our two protagonists. After all, Bedfellows is not quite like any of the stories Rachel and I have done; I kept asking myself, Why does Heero love Danie anyway? So I went through our stories and started to compile quotations that could help me answer that question. Then I branched out to the other characters and couples for a more in-depth analysis. Two weeks later, They Explain it All was born.

Just as the title implies, most of the information comes from the characters themselves through the way they speak about one another. There are also some extra content at the end if you happen to get that far. They Explain it All is currently posted on the Miscellany page.

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More ‘Sun’ For Spring

Sorry everyone! It’s been a little busy for yours truly, and I haven’t had a chance to format things and update like I should. But I finally got a chance to post the new chapters of Rachel’s story Sun Child. It’s pretty awesome, and it gets better in each chapter, so check it out!

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New Stuff

Phew! Sorry that it’s been a long time since I updated! January is a busy month for me at home since we’ve got three birthdays in the family, so I haven’t been working on site content as much as I should have been… ::sweatdrops:: Oh well. Let me tell you what I’ve got for you all:

– Most of the Second Arc is posted. I still have to finish The Best of Times and The Next Heir. Hopefully I’ll get some time soon; apparently we’re getting some winter storm. Okay, I know. Wishful thinking… The pages for the Third Arc, the Sixth Arc, the Seventh Arc, and the Standalone Stories are posted. (I made a Seventh arc out of the Gundam Girls stories.)

– I posted a Quatre-and-Crys-centered story Rachel sent me called Sun Child. (I should have posted this two weeks ago, but I’m a louse. Really!) It’s really intriguing so far, and I can’t wait to see what she does with it! So go and check that out.

– And in the Standalone Stories section, I posted our most recent story, The Greatest Treasure. We were working on a fifieth story, but we never finished it. Oh well.

– I also posted chapters five and six of Strange Bedfellows. I posted them at and not here. Weird. Oh well. They’re here if you want to check it out.

Enjoy, everyone! More updates coming soon.

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Making the “Code”

Yeah, we are totally on a roll this week! I love it! Rachel sent me a new short called “Warrior’s Code” that takes place after the Gundam Girls. It is an awesome moment between Jessica and Crys. It’s posted in her section, so go check it out!

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Why Didn’t I Think of This Before?

Funny thing happened on Monday when I was posting A Marriage Miracle and The Peace That Almost Never Was (yes, at the same time…). I came to a realization: I have been doing this the hard way.

The hard way? you ask. Yes–I have been suffering through posting hundreds of chapters which require some formatting in some cases and proper linking to other pages.  Out of forty-nine stories, I had only posted around 10 in entirety. That’s not very much! So I realized that converting them into PDF files would be much easier than trying to post everything chapter by chapter. That way, I can upload a whole arc at one time. So the complete First Arc, totally redone, has been posted. The others will follow.

I hope you all enjoy the new format!

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Like a “Feather”

Rachel just sent me a wonderful new short story based on the Seventh arc called “Kuroi Hane” (Black Feather). It is a heart-wrenching short about the effects of Heero’s suicide on his twin sister. I’ve already posted it in her section, so go check it out! It’s awesome!

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The Gundam Girls Have Entered the Building…

I should be in bed, but I couldn’t resist…

I have posted the Gundam Girls, in its entirety. One of my and Rachel’s more epic stories (well, in my opinion), The Gundam Girls features Crys, Jennifer, Jessica, Danie, Melanie, and Gretchen as Gundam pilots, and the guys in less combative roles. (Unfortunately you don’t see that much of Wufei.) Go go Girl Power! It didn’t take me that long at all, considering its length. So, in honor of the wonderful girls, I had to do it… (It certainly doesn’t help that Megami Takumi Hill sings “Wannabe” to a grumpy Heero in Chapter Nineteen…)

Hold it down, feel the noise
Let ’em know it’s a fight
Pick it up, it’s alive!

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The Seventh Arc is Complete!

I have finished posting Made for You Part II which rounds out the Seventh arc! Yay! I am currently working on posting Bitten, J.U.M.P., and The Gundam Girls. As you can tell, I am not completely going in order; I decided to come back and complete posting of the First arc last, just because there are so many stories. I want to finish the lesser arcs first. We’ll see how that goes.

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New Stuff for the New Year!

Phew! Sorry for the hiatus! I haven’t had too much Internet time lately, but I’ve been writing on my laptop which, unfortunately, doesn’t have Internet. I had been working on chapters for Strange Bedfellows when Rachel dug up Made for You Part II, one of the stories I had sadly lost during a hard drive reformatting.

Isn’t  it crazy how looking at something you wrote in the past can inspire you to write something new?

So I took a short break from Bedfellows and wrote the two “Heaven on Earth” stories. The Fifteen-Year edit was written first, but when I was almost done with that, I decided to take a different approach and wrote the Decade edit. Rachel suggested that I combine the two, and someday I might. I have posted both to coincide with the posting of the Seventh arc. Made for You Part II is not up yet, so don’t read the “Heaven” stories if you want to be surprised; technically they’re spoilers.

Here are some songs that are used in and/or used to write the Decade edit. At the beginning, I gave a playlist, but I’m not going to post videos of all of the songs. Just my favorites.

“Alright!!” — the opening theme to the Fuji TV drama Boss, starring Yuki Amami, performed by the rock band Superfly. It is Josie’s ringtone on Danie’s phone. (I highly recommend the closing theme to Boss as well, a Superfly ballad called “My Best of My Life.”)

“I’m Kissing You” — the romantic, poignant ballad featured in the movie Romeo + Juliet sung by the beautiful and talented Des’ree.

“What If” — a song from the A Christmas Carol: The Movie soundtrack sung by the breathtakingly gifted Kate Winslet.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy new year! Enjoy!

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